Meditation and Mental Health Seminar

Videos from the two day Meditatio Seminar in London 4-5 May 2011

The Second Meditatio Seminar, London 4-5 may 2011 was dedicated to an exploration of the spiritual dimension of mental health and healing.

The following excerpts are from the talks and some of the workshops of the first day of the Seminar.




  • Talks by Laurence Freeman OSB:

Health of Soul: Seeing the Light – Laurence Freeman OSBVIDEO
Fr Laurence discusses the meaning of the soul’s health by exploring an ancient term for this from the desert tradition: ‘apatheia’. He considers the states of mind – such as distraction, isolation, compulsion and fear – that unbalance the condition of health. If health is essential to human nature we need to integrate the spiritual into our understanding. Meditation as a way to ‘apatheia’ can be understood at all levels of practice and it is for us to choose how to prioritise them.

Faithful and Mechanical Repetition: Kindling the Fire– Laurence Freeman OSB – VIDEO
Repeating our own story and listening to favourite tales over and over seem in all cultures to have a therapeutic and rejuvenating effect. Yet getting stuck, going over the same ground endlessly is a sign of dysfunction preventing us from the transcendence in which we best flourish. Laurence Freeman will discuss the nature of repetition in this talk. Meditation and other spiritual practices through history and across all traditions point to this way to the whole health that humanity aspires to. Yet this universal wisdom is embodied in intriguingly unique ways in different traditions that challenge us to be simultaneously rooted and open to change.

Transcripts pdf of Fr Laurence’s two talks at the Seminar:

1. Health of Soul: Seeing the Light
2. Faithful and Mechanical Repetition: Kindling the Fire

  • Workshop by Linda Kaye: Christian Meditation as an 11th Step Practice – VIDEO

Linda, the director of the Neptune Beach, Fl., Christian Meditation Centre, draws on her own experience of recovery and meditation. She testifies to the power of the 12 Step programme and also how it can fail to fulfil the deepest spiritual needs for those in recovery. With personal stories and in conversation Linda presents a powerful approach to the journey from addiction to wholeness. (Visit the WCCM 11th Step webpage:

  • Christian Spirituality, Mental Health Services & Faith Communities – Don Boyle and Carol Morrison – VIDEO

The workshop focuses on the process of developing a commu- nity grounded in Christian Spirituality and recovery for people who have experience of using mental health services in South London. It does so within existing guidance and regulations concerning spiritual practice in the NHS and explores the part- nership approach developed between oxleas NHS Foundation
Trust Social Inclusion services and local churches. The workshop includes discussion of the results of the recent survey of WCCM meditators about their experiences of meditation in relation to mental health and well being.

  • Himalayan Singing Bowls: workshop with Andrew Lyddon – VIDEO
  • Discussion led by Dr. Norman Rosenthal with Jonathan Campion and Professor Gilbert – VIDEO
  • The meaning of wholeness: Laurence Freeman talk at Meditation and Mental Health Retreat, High Leigh Conference Centre, Hoddesdon, Herts, 6-8 May 2011 – VIDEO
  • “Plenary Session”: Laurence Freeman talk at Meditation and Mental Health Retreat, High Leigh Conference Centre, Hoddesdon, Herts, 6-8 May 2011 – VIDEO
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