Meditation is a universal wisdom found in all the spiritual traditions. We have found and teach it from within the Christian tradition, It shows how Christian faith is ecumenical, open to dialogue with other faiths and the secular world – and how it makes us ready for just and loving action.

On this site you will find a place to learn how to meditate and how to find support in the spiritual journey that follows – developing it as a spiritual practice that can change your life. There are natural physical and psychological benefits form meditation – and spiritual fruits that are more difficult to measure but lead to a deeper transformation of your life.

Learn here about meditation with children, with those in recovery, in prisons, at universities, in the workplace, in churches and small weekly groups. You can find a group meeting near you or meet with other meditators online. Become a member of the World Community and choose from the regular mailings that you feel will best support your practice. Get to the podcasts, online talks and the videos. Look through the Media Library of major events. Browse the online bookstore and learn about retreats and other events you might like to come to.

Welcome and we hope your visit will help you.

Laurence Freeman OSB

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