Meditation and the Experience of Silence

In this interview, Leonardo Correa (WCCM Communication Team) meets with Taynã Malaspina, WCCM Coordinator for Meditation and Young Adults. In this live conversation, Taynã explains her experience of silence, starting off introducing herself and how her path met the one of meditation. 

I wanted to share everything I learnt with John Main and Laurence Freeman. I started a programme with children, in schools and I started some workshops. Now, in my role as a university teacher, I have to help young people to design a life project and I noticed that sometimes younger people cannot easily design a life project because they struggle to look I started using meditation to help younger people think about their life project.

We will explore the power of silence and the mysteries of God and how we can connect with this dimension that most of the time we forget. During the retreat, you will have regular meditations, yoga sessions and time for reflections in small groups, to talk about doubts and the challenges along your personal path.

Watch Tayna's full interview here

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