The Health Series with Dr Barry is for me…

A sharing by a participant of the Health Series: Tom King, from the US

I will say that gifts seem to show up when we need them the most. This health series has been one of those gifts as has all of WCCM.
I listened again to a bit of Barry’s first talk this morning. He quotes Seamus Heany who says “believe in miracles…”  Perhaps the course has helped me to remember that we are surrounded by miracles all the time. Barry has a calm, quiet voice and the way he shares about food, sleep, work and movement and the way he ties all these things to scripture are all very comforting.
On a very personal note, my adult son who served two tours in Iraq is suffering from PTSD, is filled with rage and refuses to speak with me. My oldest brother died of ALS this past summer. I was with him for the last 36 hours of his life. I got a call this morning that my best friend with whom I had shared many life experiences, died unexpectedly yesterday. You know about Jay Stewart’s death. My wife Kathy and I had just been planning a vacation with Jay and Liz when she called to inform us about his passing.
We belong to a number of meditation groups and from each of those groups, we hear similar stories of tough life experiences but also of miracles..
So, listening to Barry and to Laurence, and practicing our time of attention every day has helped to keep the miracles ever present in the face of grief, suffering and even doubt.
I met Kathy 13 years ago at a WCCM retreat  with Laurence. We will have been married for 12 years next month. I was married before for over thirty years and adopted three children. That marriage was tough, and my now adult children all had/have serious issues. I guess because of that experience,  I never believed in the “soul-mate” business until I met Kathy. She has been one of those miracles for me. We are having a joyous life together.
This week’s weekly reading about hope pretty much summed it all up.
Thank God for WCCM.

Health Series with Dr Barry White

Join Tom in this series of online talks on transformative healing and the role of contemplative recovery in health and healthy living.  The next talk is on 15th June and will focus on understanding how the healing process starts from the mind. Meditation does play a role in the way we approach healing and health in a contemplative way. 

Image by jplenio from Pixabay

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