Indigenous Wisdom & the Future of Humanity: JMS 2020

Photo courtesy of Enrique Carrasco SJ

The John Main Seminar 2020 will be held in Mexico City (22-25 October) with the theme “One Heart, One Hope – Indigenous Wisdom and the Future of Humanity”. Fr Laurence Freeman, as always, will lead the pre-seminar retreat from October 19 through 22. The seminar will explore the wisdom and spirituality of indigenous cultures toward advancing common understanding and building a common ground for the future. Experienced speakers from around the world will share spiritual insights and customs practiced and sustained by small groups still present but often overlooked in our world. These groups embody vibrantly and with courage their own wisdom, unique to them but tremendously relevant to the rest of the world. Workshops will also be offered during the seminar. 

Fr Alex Zatyrka SJ, will be the keynote speaker. He holds a doctorate of theology and also an MS degree in agricultural economics. This will be his focus for the Seminar: 

Native peoples live immersed in the reality that Divine love leads us to be one “without division and without confusion.” They have grasped this fundamental truth of the human condition, exercising it fully and they are deeply concerned about transmitting it to each new generation. It is as if they live the paradox of “we am” or “I are” in its truest and fullest form. This echoes the Trinitarian mystery, of the God who speaks in the singular and in the plural at the same time (Gen 1: 26). In our reflections we will try to delve into this perspective that helps us deepen the mystery of the Christian God as a community of love.

Other Speakers

Vanessa Eldridge (Ngāti Kahüngunu and Rongomaiwahine): from New Zealand. She manages Day Services at Mary Potter Hospice in Wellington; 

Fr Pedro Arriaga Alarcón SJ: from Mexico, he devoted most of his life to defend the rights of the poorest people; 

Puleng Matsaneng: from South Africa, a member of the Jesuit Institute. Researcher of Ignatian Spirituality in an African context;

Ana María LLamazares: from Argentina, Anthropologist (UBA); Rev Ron Berezan: from Canada, is a permaculture and organic farming teacher; 

Ivan Rosypskye: from Canada, is an artist and a member of the Heiltsuk First Nation;

Tau Huirama, Tainui: from New Zealand, is a Maori cultural coach; 

Fr Enrique Carrasco SJ: from Mexico, Jesuit Priest and photographer; 

Fr Laurence Freeman OSB: Benedictine monk and director of The WCCM. 

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