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We are delighted to share with you that after long months of work by our team, we have just launched the new community website. We have developed a wonderful new digital home for the WCCM. It will be a place for newcomers to meet us and for regular meditators to deepen their practice and feel even more supported and enriched.

We are delighted to share with you that after long months of work by our team, we have just launched the new community website – same address

We have developed a wonderful new home on the web which we hope you will find easy to love. It is designed for the community and also the many new visitors with whom we will be able to share the teaching. It will be a place for newcomers to meet us and for regular meditators to deepen their practice and feel even more supported and enriched. 

The new site comes in the 30th anniversary of the founding of the WCCM. 1991 was also the year the world wide web began. We have caught up with it. It is a meaningful moment to look back to where we began but at the same time to see how we are called to take our part, inspired by our faith and hope, in reaching out to a world in great need with the gift of meditation. 

So please visit and enjoy the site with its many new features and easier navigability. And please help us to spread the word about the new website with its simple essential teaching and richly diverse offerings.

So what what’s different? Our aim has been to simplify and unify everything.

Re-organization of WCCM’s digital presence:

  • You will now find all the content from several former wccm websites in one place: the essential teaching, outreach initiatives, news of the community, resources for all stages of the meditation journey and where to find a group and become part of the community
  • A page to easily join our regular live sessions (like meditation, contemplative Eucharist, yoga);
  • A way to find and register for WCCM retreats and all events;
  • The offerings’ page is a large selection from our digital library: online courses, seminars or retreats;
  • Information about WCCM’s history and organisation, Bonnevaux, our teachers, other centres and National Communities;
  • A media page, where you can browse by Series, Topic, or Date of Publication;
  • The search box, that allows you to run searches for keywords.


Donations to the community are simpler to do. Either by making a one-time donation of any amount, which means you become a member of ‘WCCM Friends’ and get a regular update. Or, by becoming a Supporting Member or leaving a legacy. The new system will make it easier, when you wish, to help the community now or in the future.

WCCM Member Portal

The WCCM Constitution defines a member simply as someone who meditates in this tradition. We never want to have a ‘membership fee’. But, in order to continue to share what we offer as widely and generously as we always have done, we invite members who wish, to become a ‘Supporting Member’. This gives unlimited access to a large body of selected content that will be continually growing.

The new Member Portal is the go-to point for all our resources and events. It is still possible to purchase the digital offerings individually and, as always, many are free of charge. 

We also see the Member Portal becoming a meeting point, a hub where meditators can meet and share with other meditators, join online groups, take online courses, attend live virtual events, and more. We feel the new design presents this wide range of resources in a way that is as contemplatively simple, clear and practical as meditation.

We have consulted and thought a lot about the new website. There maybe be a few initial glitches of course. But we would really love to hear your thoughts and responses. When you have a chance, please leave us your comments by emailing to

We hope this website will help our community to better offer a contemplative approach to the crisis the world faces. And it will do this by helping to further build the community we already know meditation creates.

Laurence Freeman  (Director, WCCM)
Leonardo Corrêa (Director of Communications)

More words from the team:

“Working on the new WCCM website has been an exciting process. It will be of immense benefit to both new and existing meditators. The simplicity of design has unified the enormous work of WCCM making it more accessible and contemporary. It beautifully reflects our growing international Community and will appeal to many who are searching for a spiritual dimension.” –Briji Waterfield, Director of Meditatio. 

“The purpose of this project was really to bring the WCCM firmly into the digital age, using technology and design to amplify the good work they’ve already done. The WCCM has spent over 30 years creating incredibly valuable, unique, and spiritually rich content. There is so much material that even many of the core leadership team are unaware of just how much content they’ve created over the years. Our goal was to organize that content, present it in a better light, and make it easily accessible to the masses, regardless of age, location, nationality, or economic situation. And to that end, I think it’s been a huge success.” –John Cardone, Being Design

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