Courses, Retreats and Seminars

These teachings and dialogues represent a broad perspective of a contemplative approach to life today. Selecting from this growing list you will be able to enrich your spiritual journey at all stages and raise your awareness of the need for a spiritual dimension in all fields of social life and work during this time of turbulent transition.

  • Seasonal Resources


  • Intro Courses

How to Meditate

A 3-part mini-course showing you the basics of how to start your meditation journey

Essential teachings of meditation
$34.99 (Free for Supporting Members)

Meditation, Wellbeing and More

A 6-part course on a range of concepts associated with health, wellbeing, human development

  • Contemplative Christianity
$24.99 (Free for Supporting Members)

Contemplating Earth

An online course on a contemplative response to climate emergency

Self-paced Retreats

  • Monte Oliveto Retreats
$59.99 (Free for Supporting Members)

Being Alone Together

Monte Oliveto Retreat (2018) led by Laurence Freeman OSB

$59.99 (Free for Supporting Members)


Monte Oliveto Retreat (2017) led by Laurence Freeman OSB and Giovanni Felicioni

$59.99 (Free for Supporting Members)


Monte Oliveto Retreat (2016) led by Laurence Freeman OSB

  • Other Retreats
$44.99 (Free for Supporting Members)

Sources Of Wisdom

A 6-part retreat for a time of self-isolating and social distance

$44.99 (Free for Supporting Members)

The Inner Room

Retreat led by Laurence Freeman (John Main Seminar 2017)


  • John Main Seminars
  • Meditatio Seminars

Special Series

$44.99 (Free for Supporting Members)


A special series of talks with Laurence Freeman OSB

In the silence of meditation, when you go beyond thought and imagination, you begin to understand that being is what life is about. In meditation you are learning to be. To be is to live as the person you are, without trying to justify your existence or make excuses for your personality. Just to be, as you are. The wonder of it is that the more simple you become, the more you are able to enjoy to the full the gift of your being.

- John Main, OSB

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