What Are The Images We Have of Ourselves?

Kim Nataraja

“Who am I?’ is the most important question we need to ask ourselves. We think we know who we are, but do we really? 

Kim Nararaja, will lead an online retreat Who Am I? Dancing With Your Shadow from 12th May to 15th May.  

“I called the retreat Who am I? but I could have called it Who are you? In understanding ourselves better and realizing who we truly are, we also have a compassionate understanding of others. We recognize our interconnectedness and that we share the same essential divine nature” 

And this is the journey you will be making during this retreat with Kim moving from the rational ego and who we think we are to our intuitive spiritual self which will show us who we and others truly are. 

During this retreat, you will explore the images we have of ourselves and what stops us from seeing the true Image we were born with. 

Watch Kim’s full intro to this retreat here:  

Who is Kim Nataraja?


Kim Nataraja is a retired College Lecturer and Head of Department of Modern Languages. She has been a contemplative since her youth and joined The World Community for Christian Meditation in 1993. In 1998 she became a Benedictine Oblate to the Community and since 1999 her service to the Community has been to be the Director of the School of Meditation. In that role she has led retreats and given talks in many parts of the world. In 2016 she stepped down from the role as School Director and is concentrating on Spiritual Direction and her writing.

She loves sharing with others the teaching of our tradition. For her meditation is a transformative process and therefore she highlights the ways in which psychological insights can help us to be transformed into the person God meant us to be. On the latter topic she has written a book Dancing with Your Shadow, published February 2007 by Medio Media and recently The transformative experience of Meditation 2019.

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