Resources for Children to Learn to Meditate through the Current Pandemic

We hope you find these new resources for teaching meditation to young people useful. If you have developed any new resources, please share them with Paul Tratnyek

Meditation with Primary and Secondary School children

Meet Frankie the Still Fox

Frankie the Still Fox is a beautifully illustrated new book by Ernie Christie and Mary Hosking. In this book children are invited to learn to meditate with Frankie who is looking for silence in his life. A lovely book to read aloud with your little ones. Click on the picture to purchase.

Meet The Little Mouse

Watch this online session with Paty Sanchez from Mexico reading her story The Little Mouse in Spanish and be inspired to lead your own sessions. In Colombia, Elba Rodriguez also reads this story aloud and meditates with children on live Facebook sessions.

A Word from the Teachers

In this film teachers in two primary schools in Scotland share their experience and answer some practical questions about how to meditate with children.

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