30th Anniversary Spring Appeal
Together towards the future​

24th to 31st March 2023​
"The Academy, Meditatio, the School, scholarships and training for young meditators as future leaders and teachers, our great team of Directors in special fields, assistance to developing communities for translation and other support, developing online courses, our online programme, keeping retreats and events as affordable as possible – these are some of the fruits of meditation in our community that you will be supporting."​
Laurence Freeman
Laurence Freeman
"We need sufficient funds to sustain
our spiritual work"
Peter Ng
Peter Ng
from Singapore
"Bonnevaux completely changed my own relationship with my spirituality "
from Denmark

Your generosity will help us in all aspects of our mission:

Vibrant National Communities in 63 countries 2376 meditation groups (+ 628 online)

In 2022, the first year of the Guesthouse, Bonnevaux hosted 20 retreats and events such as the John Main Seminar

An international team composed of volunteers and paid professionals

Inspiring online programme (retreats, seminars, talks) with more than 6000 participants (2022)

Multimedia resources: daily and weekly mailings, books (and e-books), online courses, audio & video recordings

The WCCM Academy started in March 2023 with students from 13 countries

Teaching meditation to children in 23 countries

Special projects for Young Adults, with retreats, courses and free online series

Help us share the gift of meditation

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