Meditation, in the Christian tradition - contemplation, the prayer of the Heart - is forming a world wide community. 

Our website welcomes you to this community. You can learn here about the tradition, how to meditate, how to find a local weekly group, where to go on a Christian meditation retreat, browse our audio and video channels, get books, DVDs, and weekly resources.

Dr Rowan Williams in conversation with Laurence Freeman OSB

Dr Rowan Williams talks here with Fr Laurence Freeman after the recent Meditatio Seminar 'Hope for the Future - Meditation in Schools'. The former Archbishop of Canterbury was the keynote speaker at the Seminar. During this short conversation, he speaks about how he sees the World Community for Christian Meditation, about John Main and about what teaching meditation to children teaches us.

​National Coordinators Conference: the family gathers

The WCCM National Coordinators Conference was held ​in the UK​ ​29 June to 3 July. Th​e first for seven years, this was a special ​and energising ​moment​ in our common life​ with National Coordinators and ​C​ontact​s​ from ​44​ countries. ​Before the Conference, a​ll attended a Meditatio Seminar​​ ​"Hope for the Future" on Meditation with Children, ​where the keynote speaker was Dr Rowan Williams and a major report on the topic was launched.

Bere Island Festival of Music and Silence 2015

The Bere Island Festival of Music & Silence is a celebration of the mystery and beauty that surrounds and keeps us, balancing regular periods of silence in meditation, with intimate music and discussion, nature walks, dances, concerts and workshops.


Music provided by:

Seminar on Meditation in the Monastic Tradition

Participants at the weeklong Seminar on Meditation in the Monastic Tradition, San Anselmo Monastic Institute July 2015. Fifteen countries were represented and eight speakers contributed to a week of study and practice.

Spain (Catalonia)




July 2013



“We believe that the divine presence is everywhere and that “the eyes of the Lord are looking on the good and evil in every place”. St Benedict goes on to say that we should believe this even more strongly when we are at prayer so that we may be wholehearted in that essential activity of the human person – with mind and voice in harmony.

"Peace in the heart: peace on the streets?"

Alessandro Akil - Email: walessalom@gmail.com
7 pm

Peace in the heart: peace on the streets?

Without peace no one can fulfil their potential. Meditation is a way to inner peace and transforms lives - Learn from a monk and a community what meditation is and how you can start.

Free open meeting to introduce meditation  and discuss the setting up of a meditation centre in Rocinhas



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