Why meditation? My 3 good reasons why…

Enos Mantoani for Learning to Meditate Series

Whether you are a member of the World Community for Christian Meditation or whether you are believers but not meditators or whether you are an atheist or a practitioner of other meditative traditions, the Learning to Meditate series introduces meditation in a practical and simple way meditation as a discipline that can truly be an answer to the challenges of our time, both on a personal and global level. 

A second reason is this… is to have the opportunity to listen to Father Laurence, someone who has dedicated practically his entire life to the meditation practice demonstrating that it is not just the preserve of mystics or religious people but that it is a resource in the life of each and every one of us, whatever our condition in life. Young, old, single, married, not married, with children, without children, workers, pensioners. So, everyone can start this path any time. Listening to Father Laurence is truly an inspiration, a breath of fresh air and spirituality. 

The third reason is a somewhat more personal one. As my experience with meditation has contributed in perhaps mysterious ways to changing my life, my wish is that many people can experience it in the same way. Knowing that there can be a different way to approach reality a more conscious way perhaps more challenging but surely more enriching.


Curious to find out more?

As Enos says, however you come to it, the starting point is, meditation is a simple daily practice. Like everything worthwhile, it takes time but it produces wonderful fruits in your life. The series will be translated in Italian, French, German, Spanish, Dutch. If you know of anyone who may benefit, make sure to share this series with them! 

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