Why meditation? My personal story

Milena Slauson

I’ll just give you the three main reasons that got me to meditate. 

First of all, it is a great longing for more liveliness, to be really in contact with what is happening inside me, with what is happening around me, both in the joyful and the painful and unpleasant. 

On top of that, I felt a longing for inner support, for inner security, for being truly rooted internally in love and living from it. To lead a life of connection from this source and very closely linked to it. 

The third longing that led me to meditate and that still drives me today is to get closer to my innermost being, to let go of what is outside more and to really get to know my very innermost being and to be in contact with it and from it to live out, in a deep connection with myself, with my innermost being and therefore also with everyone else. 

And when these longings speak to your heart, then I can only highly recommend starting to meditate with this free online course for an introduction to meditation.

Curious to find out more?

Like everything worthwhile, meditation takes time but it produces wonderful fruits in your life. 

If you’re new to meditation or feel the need to start this journey, we’d like to invite you to this series Learning to Meditate with Fr Laurence Freeman starting 17th April with 4 total sessions. 

The series will be translated in Italian, French, German, Spanish, Dutch. If you know of anyone who may benefit, make sure to share this series with them! 

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