USA: Special Daily Online Meditation in Support of Those Affected by Hurricanes

The Community in USA launched recently an online group to support those affected by hurricanes and floods.
Special Daily Online Meditation in Support of Those Affected by Hurricanes and Floods (Irma/Harvey)
9 AM EST in the WCCM Chapel
Running from Friday, 8 Sep, through at least Friday, 15 Sep
This is the message from the WCCM-USA Oblate Coordinator, Mary Kelly Robison:
We have an extraordinary opportunity to help those in the midst of disaster as well as those struggling physically and emotionally with the aftermath.
After a week (from 29 Aug – 5 Sept) of daily online meditations in support of our brothers and sisters in the Houston area affected by the Hurricane Harvey, we are immediately launching a new meditation/support group for all those affected by Hurricane Irma, especially in the Caribbean, Florida, and the Georgia coast.
Our recent online Hurricane Harvey group was joined by meditators suffering and helping others in Houston, and concerned meditators across the country and the world. We now know from how own experience how supporting, reassuring, community-building and loving these online gatherings can be
If you haven’t meditated online with WCCM before, you may need to set up ZOOM to access us. There are simple directions on the Chapel page. Give yourself extra time to do this before 9 AM. 
This group is not exclusively for Oblates. However, as US Oblate Coordinator, I’m only have data to contact other US Oblates. If you know Christian meditators in your area who are not Oblates, but would like to participate in this community of support for those affected by the floods, please let them know they are most welcome to join us.
Mary Kelly Robison
WCCM-USA Oblate Coordinator
If you have questions or comments please contact Mary:
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