WCCM Pilgrimage to India “Christian Ashrams and St. Thomas Churches”

WCCM Pilgrimage to India “Christian Ashrams and St. Thomas Churches”29 Jan – 15 Feb 2020

This WCCM pilgrimage follows in the tradition of meditative visits of engagement to the sub-continent begun in 1998 with the first Way of Peace event.
On this occasion our encounters will be in South India, which we last visited in 2015. Here, in the most Christian part of the country, the tradition goes right back to the visit of St. Thomas the Apostle. St. Thomas is said to have founded eight churches, and we will visit several of them. Although the actual presence of St. Thomas is hard to prove, we will see clear relics of Christian practice from the fifth century.
There are very important roots of the Christian Meditation movement here also. The Hindu saint Sri Ramana Maharishi strongly influenced Swami Satyananda, and hence John Main himself. Ramana also inspired the founders of the Christian ashram at Shantivanam, later made famous by Bede Griffiths. Fr. Bede played a significant role in the development of the Christian Meditation Community. MORE INFO HERE.

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