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2021 is the WCCM Year of Health. Central to the meaning of health is our human relationship with our physical environment. In the biblical vision, humanity is a steward, a gardener, on this planet. With massive increase of technological power and economic growth we have became exploiters, even rapists, having become disconnected from the power of beauty as manifested in the cosmos and, with heart-breaking intensity, on this fragile planet. 

The situation has become critical. We are already seeing the effects. Because it is a man-made problem, humanity can solve it. We have the science and resources for a green revolution. But do we have the mind? Do we have the common purpose and sense of interdependence? Above all, do we have a capacity to see the sacred in our ecological relationships? Can we be ‘saved by beauty’? 

The curing of our ecological disease, demands an awakening of our inner ecology. A contemplative consciousness is integral to the saving of our planet. This means the capacity to see how our economic and social justice, a healthy lifestyle, self-control and the creative use of our resources and technology are inseparable.

Meditation does not solve all our problems but it changes the way we see them. And it opens the eye of the heart so that with wisdom we can shape our policies and compassion may never be lost. The Environment is a major outreach and concern for the WCCM. We collaborate with other organisations to raise consciousness and strengthen the sense of unity globally. 

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Meditation and Environment
Janet O’Sullivan

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