Why make an online retreat at home?

Meditation & Prayer times

A Retreat is a time of being more by doing less. It is a space created to allow ourselves to detox, de-stress and re-centre.  It is time taken to remember , prioritise, simplify, advance and ‘BE’.

 A Retreat enables us to learn something new and unlearn what we need to let go of. In an online retreat, you can feel the contemplative energy of Bonnevaux and the supportive friendship of its community, even while participating in the comfort of your own home. While good intentions are easy to make, the sense of oneness with the community will make fulfilling them easier.

What we recommend:

Create order and harmony by designing a daily timetable that is realistic to follow. Doing so will enable you in finding a peaceful structure to your day. This would help in developing self- discipline which we all need to develop harmony between body, mind and spirit.

Here are some suggested elements to include in your daily timetable. Please arrange them as you feel would work best for you :

Sleep, Food, Exercise

A healthy mind in a healthy body

Yoga session at Bonnevaux


Set time for regular meditation times

Meditation times

Something Creative & Reading Time

Haiku, poetry, art, music, baking bread, reading

Bonnevaux library

Time with a Mentor

Take time to talk to talk to someone you trust

Talking to a Mentor

We undertake this journey in faith. We travel in faith and we arrive in faith. Our faith is in the Spirit who dwells in our hearts and who, in silence, is loving to all. Remember the way: from the beginning to the end of each meditation, each morning and each evening, say your mantra, say your word “ma ra na tha”. Do not think, do not imagine but be. Be in the presence and be in the power of the presence.

–  ‘In The Beginning’ by John Main

Now, let us help you make your own retreat :

Keeping in the spirit of the retreat and relax…

  • Join the live sessions during this retreat
  • If you have to go out, shop or see someone, you can still stay centred and in retreat.
  • If you can’t turn off your phone / e-mail, manage them at fixed times during the day.
  • Tell people you are making a retreat
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