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WCCM Annual Appeal: 10-17 June 2024
We are essentially a volunteer community which is supported by a small, paid group of skilled and highly motivated meditators
Laurence Freeman
Laurence Freeman
"We need sufficient funds to sustain
our spiritual work"
Peter Ng
Peter Ng
from Singapore
"I am so grateful and my whole life now is devoted to share this gift with others"
Anne-Marie, meditator from Australia
from Australia

Your generosity will help us in all aspects of our mission:

63 countries, 2328 meditation groups
Vibrant National Communities in 63 countries 1871 meditation groups (+ 457 online)
Bonnevaux hosted 20 retreats & events (2023)
In 2023, our International Centre in France hosted 20 retreats and events, such as the John Main Seminar, with more than 400 participants. Retreatants & volunteers visited us from 33 countries.
Online Programme: More than 8000 participants (2023)
We offer a diverse range of opportunities for meditators to deepen their knowledge and practice
Learning to Meditate free series
More than 3000 people from around the world benefited from the series led by Laurence Freeman. It will become an online course accessible to all
We teach meditation to children in 25 countries
Indonesia is just one of the countries where we are sharing this gift for life with children.
We were present at World Youth Day in Lisbon with a group of young meditators
The programme led by Tanya Malaspina included a retreat in Leiria, a visit to Fatima, and participation at WYD 2023
Academy - second year of the first cohort
Study, experience and friendship go together in this project
And more: An international team with paid staff & volunteers; The Meditatio Centre, London; a variety of resources to help the meditation journey
With your support we also take the gift of meditation to businesses and leaders, medical professions, into interfaith dialogue, to those suffering from mental health and addiction & those in recovery
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