International Office

The International Office

The International Office in London serves as a support and information hub for the world-wide community as well as a link between the Community and many other organizations and groups. A small core team and a wider group of volunteers run the centre and assume its responsibilities. The team, all regular meditators, have been brought together by our common goal and belief in John Main’s mission. We cover many areas and functions: supporting Fr Laurence, his travels, diary and logistics; providing support to the Trustees, the Guiding Board, national coordinators and countries worldwide; disseminating information, producing the International Newsletter; assisting Medio Media, the publishing arm of the World Community; fundraising, organising international retreats, pilgrimages and giving guidance for the annual John Main Seminar – the list is endless. Our primary aim is to serve the worldwide community of meditators. A recent initiative has been to allocate a specific team member to each country, thereby providing a more personal approach. The International Centre is entirely dependent on financial support from the World Community, including a growing number of Friends who make its continued work more assured.

The World Community for Christian Meditation
Meditatio House
32 Hamilton Road
London W5 2EH

International Office: +44 0207 278 2070
UK Office: + 44 (0) 8570 4466
Fax + 44 (0) 8280 0046

Information Centres & Email Contacts Worldwide

Directory of Meditation Groups Worldwide [PDF]

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