Meditatio Project

is the outreach of The World Community for Christian Meditation. It shares the fruits of meditation with the wider world and directs the wisdom of meditation towards the problems and crises of our time.
It engages in dialogue with both the secular and scientific mind and different faiths from the common ground opened by the universal wisdom of meditation.
Its outreach programmes engage the areas of education, business, healthcare, addiction, mental health, prisons and those who are poor and neglected.
Meditatio was launched in 2010 in London and hosts seminars, forums workshops and has training courses and resources which support the practice of meditation in the different areas of outreach.
The work of Meditatio is coordinated in London both at the Meditatio House, a residential community of interns and oblates and from The Meditatio Centre which offers a variety of events.
Meditatio programmes are taking place in a growing number of countries for example – Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Ireland, Poland, Mexico, USA and Canada.
For more information visit the Meditatio website


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