A living transmission


The tradition that we are part of is a living transmission of the Holy Spirit, helping the human race to evolve over time and through all sorts of experiences that the whole human race faces including the big challenges and crises that we face at the moment. And at the heart of this essential teaching is the practice of meditation. The radical simplicity of the personal commitment that you and I make every day, to sit in the cell in the inner room of our heart. Otherwise, it is all words, beautiful words, maybe, or inspiring words, but without this practice, the words just eventually disappear into outer space. But if we are linking our communication of this tradition to a simple, personal daily practice, then we are doing something. This is action. This is making a change, as it were. This is, in ways that we can’t measure or fully understand, that we are as a contemplative community making a contribution to the healing that needs to be worked and to the changes that need to be faced in our world.

 ( Attention and Love 1 by Laurence Freeman OSB )

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