Committed within a community


(…) to be a disciple also is to be committed within a community. Not just to be an individualist, not just to be a consumer of spirituality, jumping from one thing to another, but putting your anchor down, making a commitment as you do in marriage. There’s a commitment – one commits oneself to a person, to a way of life. And that commitment is a defining aspect of our identity as a Christian disciple. And above all, remembering that first story from the Gospel of John, all of this takes place in the context of prayer. It’s prayer that nourishes this life of discipleship and all of these different elements of our Christian identity. It affects our morality, our family life, our attitude to social justice, to our worship, and to our service in community.

 (Christian Life in the Light of Christian Meditation 1: Discipleship by Laurence Freeman OSB )

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