Contemplation and the need for action


We can’t be on this journey of meditation without taking a stand, in whatever way we are able to, but without taking a stand against oppression and injustice and cruelty and the destruction of law and justice. We can’t just stand by and be passive about it. And how we will express that stand, that position that we take will depend upon our many circumstances, but I don’t think a true contemplative is going to be able to ignore the injustices and the inequalities in our world, especially those which can be changed, which should be changed. So this is not safe religion. If you go to church as a way of escaping the problems that we confront in our lives or in society in order to create sort of an alternative fantasy world, then this cannot be really identified with the new way that Jesus opened up. It doesn’t mean that the work of contemplation is less important. It means it is more important. It’s more central.

The Art of Waiting by Laurence Freeman OSB 

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