Letting go of the thoughts as they arise


In meditation we take the attention off ourselves – that’s what disciples do. We become other-centred. And we do that not by trying to do anything very huge and difficult and sacrificing ourselves. We do it in a very simple way in meditation. We let go of our thoughts, our plans, our memories, our imagination, all the stuff that’s constantly flowing through our minds. We simply take the attention off that stream of thought be-cause every one of those thoughts, if we start focusing on it, will lead us back to putting our attention on ourselves. Letting go of the thoughts as they arise, that’s all you have to do. Just let go of them. You don’t have to eliminate them, you don’t have to repress them or destroy them. You just let them go, one after the other.

Christian Life in the Light of Christian Meditation 2: Holyness by Laurence Freeman OS

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