Meaning is about the realisation that we are connected


We can feel the assurance that even though we may be in uncertainty and doubt and confusion, we can still be sure that things will be well. That’s a fundamental element of the conversion process, very similar to what John Keats described as ‘negative capability’, the ability to remain in a state of doubt or confusion, uncertainty without having to run around like a scared cat looking for facts and reasons. We can simply accept what is happening in trust. And with meditation, what Keats is describing as a contemplative consciousness in the poet, I think the same consciousness develops in us through a contemplative practice that we build seriously, faithfully into our lives. So the state of assurance, a sense of meaning is another symptom of the experience of conversion. And as I said, meaning is about the realisation that we are connected.

(The Art of Waiting by Laurence Freeman OSB)

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