The holiness of the living God within us


They say in monasteries that saints are very difficult people to live with. I think what they really mean is that people who are trying to be holy are very difficult to live with. Especially difficult are those who want to seem holy and other people should call them holy. Those are really difficult and annoying people to be around, and that’s not what holiness means. What I’d like to share with you this evening is really that we are holy already, not that we have to become holy. But we have to awaken to the fact that we are holy. And that holiness that we have, that we are, is nothing less than the holiness of the living God within us, which we become conscious of and awaken to through the mind of Christ, through the Spirit of Jesus that dwells within us. In particular I’d like to think about how meditation awakens us to this true identity, this true nature that we possess as children of God and disciples of Jesus.

Christian Life in the Light of Christian Meditation 2: Holyness by Laurence Freeman OS

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