The presence within us


For us today, as disciples, we must have plunged deep and deeper into Jesus presence within us. The church must become more deeply and universally contemplative. It was meditation that brought me to be a monk, not because I was holy and I am not still, not because I was an expert meditator, but actually I became a monk because I love the monastic life and I felt called to it and I wanted to meditate and I wanted to help John Main in building the meditation community, creating a community of love. But I think it was also because I was a slow learner and I was very lazy and I needed quite a lot of discipline. But  I assure you that if you want to learn to meditate, you will not have to become a monk. But we do need to become contemplative.

Christian Life in the Light of Christian Meditation 3: Evangelisation:  by Laurence Freeman OSB

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