The purpose of our existence


Fidelity in meditation, regularity, perseverance, allows us to gradually break through the wall. So there’s a breakthrough that happens. Maybe one brick falls out, we find small changes occurring in our personality, our temperament, a deeper patience, a deeper kindness to others, a deeper sense of our own goodness, a capacity to love that surprises us, and the joy that is not dependent on external circumstances. In other words, the fruits of the Spirit. And as this brick wall of the ego begins to deconstruct or to become what it should be, which is a help and a convenience rather than a prison, then the fruits of the Spirit really begin to manifest themselves in the life of conversion and we are able to see that these beneficial results and fruits of the practice of meditation. And I think we can see the connection between them, that these fruits of the Spirit are in fact signs of the divinisation that is taking place in us, which is the purpose of our existence. It’s why we are here.

(The Art of Waiting by Laurence Freeman OSB)

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