We are created by love and for love


We are created by love and for love. And the purpose of human existence is not less than to become like God. That’s why the scripture says, ‘Be holy as I am holy’, in the First Letter of Peter:

Just as he who called you is holy so be holy in all you do. For it is written ‘Be holy because I am holy’. (1 Pet 1:15)

This is our destiny, this is our meaning. And we cannot live our lives without meaning, without understanding why we are here, why our lives sometimes contains suffering and loss or death. We cannot really cope with the challenges of life without having some sense of this as the meaning of our life. Through it all, this meaning is coming into our awareness. We come to know that we are meant to be holy because we share in the very being of God.

Christian Life in the Light of Christian Meditation 2: Holyness by Laurence Freeman OS

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