You are just being who you are


What is the nature of the human person and of human life? We can’t just reduce it to a few catechism answers. It’s deep, it gives meaning to life, and it reveals the transcendent in our midst – true humanism. And contemplation helps us to get to the very heart of our humanity. When we meditate, you are not trying to be an angel, you are not trying to have some kind of superhuman experience, you are just being who you are in this present moment. And that’s enough. If everyone one of us could know who we are, now at this moment, this evening, our lives would be changed. We would be energised beyond anything we can imagine. To be fully human is what human life is meant for. And we need, because of the nature of our humanity, we need a contemplative dimension in our life brought to its fullness.

Christian Life in the Light of Christian Meditation 3: Evangelisation:  by Laurence Freeman OSB

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