Earth Crisis Forum

Do you want to integrate your contemplative practice with action to promote climate justice and sustainable ways of life? If you do, then you are warmly invited to this online international event.


Jul 14 2022


New Zealand
8:30 pm - 10:00 pm

This second Earth Crisis Forum will be hosted by Vincent Maire and  Judith Keller from New Zealand.

To find the correct time to join online from where you are in the world, please go to

Judith Keller will talk about where and why she is allured to contemplating earth.  She will draw on her volunteer work as a Guide in her Regional Botanic Gardens, her Laudato Si’ training and other key influences inspiring her Earth centred contemplative practices, including silent prayer.

 Participants will have time in a breakout group to consider their own responses to Judith’ presentation and to continue to reflect on the question: Given what is happening to Earth, our common home, what is the role of meditation?

 The session will close with an opportunity to sit in silence together for 20 minutes.

 Please come and tell us what you are doing, thinking and feeling.

All are invited to participate. There will be opportunities to:

  • meditate together
  • share thoughts, feelings, anxieties, hope using breakout groups 
  • contribute news about positive initiatives that you are involved in or have been inspired by, local or global
  • listen to presentations from a range of speakers
  • make connections, be in solidarity and community 

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