Indigenous Wisdom as a Path to Wellbeing

A webinar with Fr Alex Zatyrka and Fr Laurence Freeman OSB*


Aug 03 2021


French time
8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

* Fr Laurence will send a special recorded contribution

Fr. Alex Zatyrka SJ will lead us exploring ‘Indigenous Wisdom as a path to Wellbeing‘ by integrating the concepts of care of the environment, care of our community, care of our family and care of self that he learnt from native people in South America and Mexico. 

One of the important themes of indigenous wisdom is its way of taking care of the environment.

There is a growing concern that we have failed in this aspect, as the pandemic we are suffering can show. Indigenous wisdom reaches out in a loving and caring way to the environment, which in turn helps us to live in a more connected wayThe ancestral methods that developed from living in close contact with our surroundings have always been helpful to us as conscious beings acknowledging humbly our dependence, allowing us to be aware of our own self in relation with our family and our community which results in healthier relations that produce a general sense of wellbeing.’

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  • Indigenous Wisdom as a path to Wellbeing

The experience of integration in Christian and indigenous spirituality
with Alex Zatyrka

In this episode Alex Zatyrka SJ, keynote speaker at the John Main Seminar 2020 talks about the culture of resistance of indigenous people, taking us on a personal journey to a Bolivian indigenous community. Listen to  the full episode here: 

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