Allowing God to be free with Liz Watson

Introducing ISMR with Liz Watson

Liz Watson will lead an Intensive Silent Meditation Retreat in Bonnevaux with the title Allowing God to Be Free, from 27 January to 4 February 2024. 

In this short video, she explains in simple terms what one can expect from a silent meditation retreat and more specifically from this retreat in January. 

What if we make a decision to leave behind our usual activity altogether for a week?
Liz Watson
Liz Watson
I was struck by a phrase in John Main "Allowing God to be free" and that's what we do when we decide to make this silent, silent week. We're in a way allowing God to be God.
Liz Watson
Liz Watson

Curious to find out more ?

You could think of the days we spend together in this retreat as an experience of deeper silence and solitude in closer community.  The whole retreat is conducted in silence, sustained by a stable daily rhythm in common. The scaffolding of each day is provided by eight periods of meditation. The silence is only broken by a talk from the retreat leader, a 15 minute meeting with a mentor and a contemplative Eucharist each day.

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