From Anxiety to Peace a Hybrid Conference Retreat Canada

Hello. My name is André Choquet, I’m the national coordinator for the Canadian Christian Meditation Community. I’m here to invite you to our WCCM Canada National Hybrid Conference Retreat, which will take place in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, July 5th to 7th 2024. The theme for our conference retreat is ‘From Anxiety to Peace’ 

This theme touches us at two levels. At a personal level, we’re still dealing with the aftermath of Covid with hybrid work environment, fragmented attention span. And also, the growth of online and AI influence. 

At a global level, we’re dealing with climate change, geopolitical conflicts and the growing disparity between rich and poor, which all causes stress. If there was ever a need for an ancient and wise discipline like meditation found in many world traditions and that cannot be manufactured by drug companies, the time is now. It is our role, I believe, as recipients of this divine gift to share it globally and also especially with our young adults, as a lifelong companion habit. 

The conference retreat will be co-led by Father Laurence Freeman, world-renowned author and teacher, and by Kaveh Guilanpour, former senior member of the UN secretary general, climate action team and vice president for international strategies at the Centre for Climate and Energy Solutions. Other speakers include Diane Tolomeo, a PhD former English professor at University of Victoria, indigenous elder author and speaker Wendy Charbonneau and Jason Brown, PhD lecturer at Simon Fraser University. Although we’d love to have you in person, we understand it may not be possible but we’ve hired a professional audio visual company who will ensure a very enjoyable and interactive experience for you, using the online registration. 

So please register by visiting this page here and on behalf of the Planning Committee, we thank you for listening to this invitation, for your prayers and best wishes. 

And may the fruits and benefits of meditation stay with you for a lifetime.

‘Once meditation has become part of your life it teaches us many things about ourselves and about life and the fabric of reality. One of these is that you can meditate regardless of your mood or how things are around you. For example, you can sit and start meditating with a heavy heart and a pessimistic mind, weighed down by what Jesus called the burdens and cares of life. But then, in the simple fidelity of your silence and attention, the dark veil of anxiety lifts, the heaviness dissolves and you are reconnected to that vein of peace, like a light shining in the dark or a stream of purity in a polluted world’.
Laurence Freeman
Keynote speaker

Curious to find out more?

From Anxiety to Peace, which is to be held online and from Vancouver (Canada) this summer, 5-7 July 2024. This retreat will be led by Fr Laurence Freeman who will reflect on the transformative effect of meditation for a world suffering as we do today.

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