Laurence Freeman talks with Bere Island Community Radio: The Favorite Five

Bere Island

In a Desert Island Discs format, Laurence speaks with Bere Island Community Radio about his life and history with the island lensed through some of his favourite music tracks (Leonard Cohen, Handel, the Beatles and more).

First aired in Ireland 08 February 2021

“I was fed with stories of Bere Island…In recent years I’ve been able to have retreats here in Bere lsland. I come here alone or with a small group, to write, to meditate and to enjoy the beauty and friendship of the people here.”

“When I first heard of Leonard Cohen, I initially found him a bit depressing. I came to appreciate his music, poetry and songs. Perhaps his most famous song is called Suzanne. I spent about 50 years living in Montreal, like a Bere Island, a spiritual home for me. Cohen was in Montreal when he wrote this song.”

With much love,

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