Laurence Freeman visit to Fanling St Francis of Assisi College Hong Kong

Fr Laurence visited Hong Kong from 26 to 28 January. This is a short description sent by Lina Lee: 

How should we thank the Holy Spirit for gathering us together in such a joyful occasion during Fr Laurence’s recent visit to Hong Kong at the Fanling St Francis of Assisi College from 26-28 January? We had such lovely moments of joy throughout. Fr Laurence’s talk was attended by 312 participants. We have a record-breaking use of the simultaneous translation facilities used by 104 -thanks so much to Br William’s expert translation.  We had dinner with some new faces interested to support Bonnevaux, on 27 January, we celebrated the birthday of the Fanling group in one mind and spirit.  We had a beautiful birthday cake in response to the mystical birth of the Fanling group which gives birth by itself and not human efforts. 

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