Light Within : as an audiobook written and spoken Laurence Freeman

Light Within, the first of Laurence Freeman’s books, is now published as his first audiobook and available on the Audible platform. Light Within – Meditation as Pure Prayer – has a new preface and runs just under 5.5 hours.

Listen to some reflections taken from the book and read by Laurence Freeman here.

When we think about meditation or talk about it, it's very easy to get carried away by theory and meditation is a very interesting and wonderful mystery to talk and think about... But the talking and the thinking have an in-built danger which is that we don't go beyond the words and the ideas and instead we get stuck looking at a reflection in a mirror... We can be so fascinated by the reflection, so unaware that the mirror distorts whatever it reflects that we fail to turn around and see the real thing

 You can see the site and buy online here.

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