Meditation with Children – and Politicians – in Trinidad in the Commonwealth Day

WCCM takes part in the Commonwealth Day celebration

By Sr Ruth Montrichard

 The Speaker of the House of the Trinidad Parliament and the President of the Trinidad Senate organized a session for 150 students from 30 schools across the country to celebrate Commonwealth Day on Monday 13th March. 

The WCCM community was asked to open the day by introducing meditation. Judy Joseph McSween and Pat Howai (Coordinator for Meditation with Children) led a meditation with the children and the politicians at the start of the proceedings. Later sessions included Emotional Intelligence,  Conflict Management and Mediation. A tree of peace was created and students posted on it their ideas about peace.

 “The session went very well and contact was made there with many schools there who asked us to meditation to them”, said Sr Ruth Montrichard, who is a member of the WCCM Guiding Board and WCCM National Coordinator for Trinidad and Coordinator the Caribbean region.

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