WYD 2023 – Evening Vigil and Final Mass with Pope Francis

The group of meditators from WCCM represented WCCM at World Youth Day in Lisbon. They joined the intense ending events: the evening vigil on 5 August followed by the Mission ending mass on 6 August. These two days had the highest temperature of the whole week.

On the night of 5 August, Pope Francis joined the beginning of the evening vigil at Campo de Graça. He asked the millions of young people present not to be afraid and to be agents of transformation in the world.

The WCCM group had a diverse profile, with members from Portugal, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, Indonesia, and the UK. Their ages ranged from 9 to 47 years old.

Before going to sleep (or trying to sleep), they meditated for 25 minutes. This was a constant for the whole week, beginning with the pre-WYD retreat in Leiria (led by Laurence Freeman), the visit to Fatima, and the days in Lisbon.

The group brought the possibility of silence to the noisy and joyful environment of World Youth Day. When the sun rose in Lisbon, it was time to wait for Pope Francis for the final mass. This marked the closing of a special time in Portugal. And the certainty that contemplation can make all the noise of joy and celebration much more meaningful.

“Don’t be afraid. Be of good cheer. Jesus knows the heart of each one of our lives: the sorrows, the successes and the failures. He knows our hearts. Our hearts burn knowing that we are loved! ❤️ 🔥” (Pope Francis)

WCCM in World Youth Day 2023

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