WYD Day 3: The Sacrament of Presence in City of Joy

On day 3 at World Youth Day, the group of meditators from WCCM started the day as usual with meditation, followed by a Raised Up reflection on Social Friendship, led by Enos Mantoani (from Italy) and Fr Patricio (Argentina). In the afternoon, the group went to City of Joy and Laurence Freeman led a session at the chapel on Christian Meditation. The session had the presence of the Archbishop of Canberra (Australia), who shared his experience as a meditator and also emphasized the work of teaching meditation to children in all schools in his diocese. At the end of the day, part of the WCCM group went to the ceremony of welcome by Pope Francis. Fr Laurence spoke at an event at Capela do Rato, promoted by WCCM Portugal.

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