Young Adults Meditation Groups

two meditators at World Youth Day 2023, Lisbon
There is much to learn about the tradition of Christian mysticism, which enriches us, stimulates us, balances us and leads us to experience the Spirit that inhabits us. WCCM helps meditators find their way in this tradition. The basis of meditation lies not so much in study, but in practice.
WCCM’s Christian meditation groups are open to young adults aged 18 to 45. Everyone is welcome and the meetings are free.
If you want to learn to meditate, starting out in a group can be very enriching. During these meetings (of around 40 minutes), we read sacred texts from the contemplative tradition, meditate for 20 minutes and share our spiritual friendship through the practice of silence.
"The best way to share the gift of meditation with others is to pray is with them. In real presence with others, we sense the deeper truth of our being and so learn to see beyond ourselves."
Father John Main
John Main OSB

World Youth Day Group (open to all)

Mexico Group (Spanish-speakers)

Brazil Group Group (Portuguese-speakers)

United Kingdom Group (English-speakers)

Italian Group (Italian-speakers)

Enos Mantoani

Per partecipare, scriveteci un’ e-mail, cliccando sul pulsante qui sotto.

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