Angelene Chan

SINGAPORE, Chairman, CEO of DP Architects,

Angelene Chan is the Chairman of DP Architects, a multidisciplinary design practice headquartered in Singapore. Her meditation journey began in 2016, the year she was appointed CEO of DP Architects, when she attended a 2-day meditation and leadership workshop conducted by Fr Laurence. She was convinced that meditation is the key to inner transformation and contemplative leadership. She has since found meditation to be a precious gift that brings much more than that; the silence and stillness in meditation has allowed her to experience a deeper communion with God.

Angelene has been actively involved in the design and renovation of the Bonnevaux Centre for Peace since the beginning of the project. As an architect, she has always believed that good architecture builds communities and improves lives; and she has come to learn that meditation too builds community and improves lives. She is grateful to have the opportunity to combine her passion for architecture and her faith in the universal and spiritual wisdom of meditation through the meaningful Bonnevaux project.

Angelene joined the WCCM Guiding Board in 2020. She is also the Vice Chairman of Dover Park Hospice, Singapore.

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