Conversation in the Spirit: John Main Seminar 2024

Jason Brown invitation to JMS

The John Main Seminar 2024 returns to New Harmony. 

This is a historic event, many years ago, Bede Griffith led the seminar in New Harmony and it was a watershed for the community and it gave it a new emphasis, a new life and clarity of mission. John Main recovered from John Cassian the teaching on Christian medication and in that recovery brought contemplative gifts to our modern age. And the  community has taken these gifts and spread them throughout many countries throughout the world.

This year in our John Main Seminar,  we are taking the contemplative gifts that John Main has brought and pairing them with another contemplative gift: conversation in the spirit and synodality which Pope Francis has brought to the worldwide church and where many traditions of Christianity have had this Sinodal gift brought within our tradition. This is a biblical gift where we listen to God.

It’s through listening to one another. 

This year we gather to seek God's wisdom for the World Community of Christian meditation.
Archbishop Jason Gordon
Jason Gordon
Archbishop & Speaker at John Main Seminar 2024

And we want you participating with us as we seek God’s wisdom to see where God wants the community to go in its next stage so that we can bring the fruits of contemplation and contemplative life to all of God’s people

Join us be part of this movement that together we may listen carefully to God and allow God to lead and guide the community in his mission and in whatever God wants for us. Thank you.

Curious to learn more?

Archbishop Jason Gordon, will be leading this year’s John Main Seminar, online & from New Harmony, Indiana, from 8 to 13 July, together with Laurence Freeman, he will help to guide the synodal discussions. 

Learn more on the John Main Seminar 2024 website here. 

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