A Knowing That Unifies

From Laurence Freeman OSB, “Letter Four,” THE WEB OF SILENCE (London: Dartman, Longman & Todd, 1996), pp. 44-45. 

Meditation is not information technology. It is about knowledge that redeems, pure consciousness—knowing, not merely knowing about. Meditation does not increase our funds of information. In fact we turn away from our usual information-gathering and sorting as we turn to a knowledge that is not quantifiable, a knowing that unifies rather than analyzes. [ . . . ] This redemptive and recreative knowledge is the wisdom our age lacks. We can recognize it and discriminate between it and its counterfeits because it neither claims nor parades any possessive pronoun. [ . . .] No one claims it as their own. It is the consciousness of the Holy Spirit and therefore it is the womb of all truly loving action. In the face of the most disheartening tragedy, it is as close to us as we are to our true selves. 

After meditation: “The Vulture’s Wings” by Mary Oliver in BLUE HORSES (New York: Penguin, 2014), pp. 45-6.

The Vulture’s Wings

The vulture’s

wings are

black death

color but

the underwings 

as sunlight

flushes into

the feathers

are bright

are swamped

with light. 

Just something

explainable by

the sun’s 

angle yet

I keep

looking I

keep wondering

standing so

far below

these high

floating birds

could this

as most

things do

be offering

something for

us to 

think about 


Image by jplenio from Pixabay

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