Awakening to Infinite Beauty

3.5.2023. An excerpt from Laurence Freeman OSB, “Lenten Reflection” from Bonnevaux Centre for Peace, March 24, 2020,
American Desert with Thunder

After the first meditation this morning I had as usual twenty minutes before the second. Usually I read in this time but as the morning was so fresh and beautiful, I walked around and found myself reading the book of nature. It wasn’t difficult. I didn’t have to measure nitrogen emissions or theologise. The birdsong was enough, the purity of the air and the lucidity of the silence. One sound I had heard but not identified before, became clear as a bird swooped down towards me and emitted an odd raspy note. The frogs are beginning their cacophony. And because of the rain the lake is wonderfully full, and the fish look plump. Jean Christophe cut the grass and the smell of it is promising us the warm days to come.

With the Coronavirus is nature punishing us for how we have treated her? That’s one way of putting it. That’s what is happening karmically. But what is happening more is that we can be awakening to the infinite beauty of nature and the animal kingdom. Who doesn’t fall in love with the beautiful? And who can do harm to what they love while they love?

So, I walked in the fresh morning air, scents and sounds, thinking too of the dangers around us and the loneliness and fear that so many are suffering. I thought of my own sins. But more, I felt the amazing grace that restores our sight when we have become blind.

Beauty will save the world.

After meditation: “Navajo Prayer” noted in BLOOD AND THUNDER: The Epic Story of Kit Carson and the Conquest of the American West by Hampton Sides (New York: Anchor Books/Random House, 207), p. 497.

Beauty before us

Beauty behind us

Beauty around us

In beauty we walk

It is finished in beauty

Image by Kei Rothblack from Pixabay

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