Lit From Within

4.19.2022. Comments from Maria and Albert Zhakarova, WCCM Ukrainian National Coordinators, cited in “Lent Reflections 2022 Friday Week 3” by Laurence Freeman OSB
butterfly lit

Everything around us is dying but in meditation we find in ourselves what cannot die. We see meditation as a narrow way taking us through the clash of oppositions that create chaos around us. Meditation has never been more precious. We see what it means more clearly than ever. 

Meditation seems the last connection between Russians and Ukrainians now. The last link. Religion can’t give this connection. In churches the priests seem in a state of shock. And in Russia the church has been politicised.

The victims of war need people to listen to them and care for them selflessly. Meditation helps us to help them. We are seeing the power of illusion and how dark and deathly it is. How badly the ego disconnects from reality and works everywhere. Reality is giving us a hard push. The mantra seems, like John Main says, like a plough clearing a rough field.

After meditation: “Concurrence” by Denise Levertov in THE LIFE AROUND US (New York: New Directions, 1997), p. 31.


Each day’s terror, almost

a form of boredom—madmen

at the wheel and

stepping on the gas and

the breaks no good—

and each day one,

sometimes two, morning glories,

faultless, blue, blue sometimes

flecked with magenta, each

lit from within with

the first sunlight.v

Image by Joshua Woroniecki from Pixabay

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