This is The Present

8.1.2021. An excerpt from John Main OSB "Fullness of Being" in The Hunger for Depth and Meaning (Singapore: Medio Media, 2007), p. 28.
Orchard in Bonnevaux

(The) truth is not only accessible to us, it is the ground on which all reality stands. To come to this reality we have to learn to be simple, to be still, to be silent, and to be attentive to what is. . . .So we must learn to stop thinking about ourselves. We must learn to be, to be in the presence of God, in the presence of the One who is, and who is the ground of being. We need to have no fear as we set out, as we leave self behind and set out to meet the other. We need have no fear. The spirit in our heart, the spirit that we open to in meditation, is the spirit of compassion, of gentleness, of forgiveness, of total acceptance, the spirit of love. 

After meditation: W.W. Merwin, “Still Water” in GARDEN TIME (Port Townsend, WA: Copper Canyon Press, 2016), p. 58.

Clouds over the mountaintops were its ancestors

fine rain gathered in rills among the hidden crags

each vein finding its way to its own kin

joining them and gathering speed and finding its voices

taking along flakes of starlight moonlight

daylight down through the wild distances

through dreams of flying and forgetting

and dreams of belonging but departing

now it lies there at last by its green pasture

and cradles the stillness of the empty sky

this is the present it was flowing toward

this is the face that it can never see

Image: Orchard at Bonnevaux, Centre for Peace

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