The effect of Christian meditation on business leaders

By Thomas Zimmermann, Germany

The many challenges of the current time, interconnected with the increasing disintegration of religion, family and value systems within our modern society, have caused me to become interested in finding an approach to reevaluate our decision-making process based on common deep-rooted beliefs. Hence, I see it as crucial to create new reference points in our fast-paced modern life. 

In my work, I will research the influence of Christian Meditation on current and potential leaders in organizations and companies. My main focus will be on leaders and entrepreneurs connected to the WCCM who have had relevant leadership experience in their professions.  Based on personal positive experiences, I plan to address the effects of meditation on the professional everyday lives of leaders and document its relevance on a scientific level. I would also like to highlight the added value of meditation to economic undertakings and, thus, establish a future-oriented leadership model. In this context, I intend to conduct an explorative analysis by interviewing entrepreneurs as well as managers, who integrate meditation into their daily lives. I will examine personal experiences and the associated effects on individual leadership behaviour, the associated perception as well as the influence on employees. I will also work out possible integration approaches in the various fields of action of organizational practice. Concluding, I shall exhibit how meditation, reintegration of values and beliefs as well as a personal reflection within an organizational body can lead to a process of social transformation—all of these outcomes starting with the individual and arising from the strength of introspection/ meditation. 

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