JMS 2009: When God Disappears

The 26th annual John Main Seminar took place in London, UK, and welcomed Robert Kennedy SJ as the featured speaker.

The following talks were recorded at the John Main Seminar 2010: The Shape of God’s Affection, in Canterbury, UK.

When Robert Kennedy went to Japan as a young priest to teach at the Jesuit University in Tokyo, he found himself confronted by a foreign culture indifferent to Christianity and to much that was dear to him. This incited him to enter into dialogue with Zen. Today, he is one of three Jesuits in the world called ‘Roshi’ or Zen Master. As a Christian Robert Kennedy has found meaning and deep reverence in the practice of Zen Buddhism.

During the 2009 seminar, Robert Kennedy uses the traditional Zen approach to teaching through questioning and through art. The talks are structured around twelve koans (a story, question, or statement whose meaning can’t be accessed by rational thinking, yet may be understood by intuition).

Featured Talks

  • Talk 01: Robert Kennedy
  • Talk 02: Robert Kennedy
  • Talk 03: Robert Kennedy
  • Talk 04: Robert Kennedy
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