An experience of deepening my contemplative journey: WCCM Academy

Help share the gift of meditation globally. WCCM Summer Appeal - 10 -17 June 2024

Meet Michele Jodhan, a student from Trinidad & Tobago who describes her experience of the WCCM Academy.

"I wanted to deepen my contemplative journey and I have found the perfect sort of marriage of these two things in this contemplative education programme: deepening of theology, deepening of the contemplative way, an expansive experience."
Meditator and WCCM Academy student

What is WCCM Academy?

The Academy is a programme of inter-disciplinary study in the context of contemplative practice and grounded in the Christian contemplative tradition. The Academy has now entered its second year with a week in Bonnevaux. The students are enjoying the online lectures and meditation together.

Embracing Change: Emerging Stronger.
WCCM Summer Appeal - 10 - 17 Jun 2024

Help us continue spread the gift of meditation globally.

During this week until 17 June, any amount you can give will help us in sharing the gift of meditation and will inspire us to continue with all the projects we run across the globe.  

4 thoughts on “An experience of deepening my contemplative journey: WCCM Academy”

  1. Good for you Michele . I was there when you became an oblate. It’s great that you’re going further and deeper into your heritage. Peace and love x

  2. Araceli Bobadilla

    I am an old woman, who lives in Morelos, México. My little Town sometimes is full off sadness, because there are many murders. I meditate and I find peace. Thanks.

  3. Amindra Wanigasekera

    ‘Christian Meditation’ ? How does this practice defer from Meditation? Or is it tailored exclusively for Christians?
    I had the impression that ‘Meditation’ is to basically connect with our ‘Cosmic Self’ for lack of a better description. Born to a devout Roman Catholic family in Sri Lanka; I attended a leading Catholic Institution run by Jesuits; I was instructed that ‘Meditation’ is not recommended in the Gospels; as the practice was not a requirement for ‘Salvation’ Please enlighten..

    1. Dear Amindra,
      I was saddened to hear that you were told meditation is not recommended.

      There are many resources for you to look at on this site, to help with understanding what Christian meditation is all about. But just to mention that the Desert Fathers meditated! This practice is a way of deepening one’s faith in the gift of silence. “Be still and know that I am God” as the Psalmist says.

      Meditation indeed is not a requirement for ‘Salvation’ but one of the various ways to come closer to God. It can be a difficult practice compared to saying the Rosary, as one is called into silence. And how hard it can be to quieten one’s mind as well as their body! But it also can bring many fruits of the spirit and much peace.

      I hope you review the resources given by WCCM and continue your journey, asking all the questions you need for enlightenment along the way. (-:

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